Working in the Netherlands – with or without accommodation?

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Working in the Netherlands – with or without accommodation?


May 2020

Working abroad involves a difficult separation from our loved ones, among other things. But this is not the only difficulty. To get a job, you need to complete a number of formalities and settle many matters. One such issue is the need to arrange accommodation for work while away from home. At present, many recruitment agencies offer employment in the Netherlands with housing included. Is this a good solution? Is it worth using such an easy way to find an apartment, or is it better to handle it on your own? We discuss the pros and cons of working with accommodation.

How to find a job with accommodation in the Netherlands?

The easiest way to find a job in the Netherlands with accommodation is to use the services of a recruitment agency. These agencies are in constant contact with Dutch employers and have housing facilities for the Poles they employ. The decision whether to choose work and accommodation is usually made at the stage of seeking employment. It is worth knowing that usually there is no problem to make a decision about using help in finding accommodation at a later stage of recruitment and cooperate with a recruitment agency. However, it is hard looking for work and accommodation directly with a Dutch employer. While looking for job offers online, you will also be forced to look for accommodation on your own. When seeking a job this way, the language barrier may prove to be a significant obstacle, and the conditions may differ from those you expected.

Is it worth taking a job offer in the Netherlands with accommodation?

Given the plethora of responsibilities and things to do before you go to work in the Netherlands, being able to secure some housing seems a very tempting solution. In truth, this is the solution chosen by many employees hired through a recruitment agency. First of all, this option is ever so convenient. When planning a trip, you no longer have to worry about whether there will be accommodation for you or if you can find it, how far away from your place of employment it will be, and how to organize commutes to work. By signing an employment contract with a recruitment agency with housing included, you have a guaranteed place to live. Additional benefits include the fact that the housing base is located a short distance from the workplace. In addition, living together with other employees in one large house, you can arrange commuting together, which is also extremely convenient. And finally, when deciding to work in the Netherlands with accommodation, you no longer have to look for an apartment on your own, e.g. on the Internet. When looking for accommodation via the Internet, you must reckon with the fact that not always everything is as shown in the pictures. There are also situations where, after paying a deposit for renting a flat or a room, it turns out that the premises simply do not exist. By deciding to work with accommodation organized by a recruitment agency, you avoid the risk of being cheated. It is also worth knowing that renting an apartment, even a studio, is much more expensive than renting a room offered by a recruitment agency. And apart from that, by using accommodation offered by a recruitment agency, you provide yourself with the company if your fellow nationals and contact with your native language. Although it may seem irrelevant at first, you will certainly appreciate such trifles over time.

Working in the Netherlands with accommodation  

But is choosing a job offer in the Netherlands with accommodation the proverbial bull’s-eye? It all depends on your approach. If you expect luxurious conditions and a place in an apartment building, you may be a bit disappointed. For all that, the housing conditions are comfortable and fully adequate to its price. The premises also include such amenities as access to satellite TV and the Internet, and the residents have unlimited access to the kitchen allowing them to prepare their own meals. Some point to the company of other employees hired via a recruitment agency as a disadvantage. This does not change the fact that after a long time of being separated from the family, everyone begins to feel lonely and in this situation the company of one’s compatriots may prove to be worth its weight in gold.

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