Working in the Netherlands in spring – in what sectors to seek?

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Working in the Netherlands in spring – in what sectors to seek?


February 2020

Spring is a time of new beginnings and new decisions. Therefore, could there be a better time to make a decision about going to work in the Netherlands? It turns out that spring is the perfect moment to start working in the Netherlands, not only for psychological reasons but also for practical and economic ones. Intense work in many sectors starts in spring, and thus – the demand for workers increases. In which sectors can you find work in spring? Who is needed and what work can be done at this time? Continue reading to learn more about this topic.

What is seasonal work?

The term seasonal work is very broad and interpreted in many different ways. Thus seasonal work can mean working during the holiday season, working in the increased Christmas shopping season, working in the harvest season of specific plants or simply working on a short-term contract. Each of these types of work can be successfully called seasonal work. Therefore, it is a good idea to seek seasonal work in the Netherlands in spring. You have to remember that spring, being special period also in the job market, has its own rules.

Opportunities for Polish people on the Dutch job market

The Dutch job market provides a wide variety of offers. Employment offers are directed to both native Dutch as well as foreign workers – those having the knowledge of foreign languages as well as those without this skill. So you can go ahead and choose depending on your knowledge, skills or preferences. In addition, this quite big competition in the job market leads to employers offering more attractive terms. Jobs are available for people of all ages, ranging from students who want to earn some extra money during the holidays through young workers getting their first job or a bit older and more experienced workers to senior citizens. In which industries can Polish people leaving for the Netherlands find jobs? The range is very wide. Warehouse workers, economics or IT specialists as well as carpenters, joiners, plumbers and welders are needed all year round. Seasonal workers are needed in the broadly defined tourist and catering sector, for example as waiters, receptionists, cooks, bartenders or shop assistants at souvenir shops. As always, the most popular among Polish workers are gardening jobs.

Spring jobs in the Netherlands

These gardening jobs are the most popular and best choice among the spring jobs in the Netherlands. Polish people are eager to do this type of work. This is due to the fact that gardening jobs in the Netherlands have many advantages and they are a rewarding occupation. Although it is often said that gardening and farming jobs in the Netherlands mostly relate to harvesting, that isn’t the whole story. Gardening, along with greenhouse gardening, mainly mean handling flowers. The tasks of a worker responsible for flowering plants include planting, care, which is, among others, removing and trimming leaves, packing the plants, labelling the flowers and preparing them for shipment. Although gardening jobs require certain physical strength, they don’t involve exhaustive and highly demanding lifting of heavy objects. Therefore, they are also available for the elderly and women. Workers appreciate gardening jobs because they give great satisfaction. They allow you to watch the plants change every day, admire their growth and thus fill you with pride due to a job well done. Their effects are highly visible and particularly satisfying. What is more, gardening jobs have only one shift – the morning one. This gives the workers quite a lot of free time after completing their tasks, and also allows them to keep a steady sleep-wake cycle, as opposed to shift work in warehouses. Moreover, gardening jobs aren’t scarce, especially in spring, with both the salary and job terms being attractive. Therefore, if you seek some kind of spring job in the Netherlands, it is best to look into the gardening sector.

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