Working abroad without foreign language skills – who could help you find such a job?

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Working abroad without foreign language skills – who could help you find such a job?


November 2019

Learning at least one foreign language is compulsory in Polish schools. As a result you should believe that most of us have at least basic foreign language skills. Unfortunately, this is not how it works. There is still a lot of people who can’t speak any foreign language. Is the opportunity of working abroad completely out of reach for such people? Not really. You need to know, however, where to look for a job if you don’t know the language and who could help you.

1. Working abroad without any foreign language skills – is this even possible?

You could think that considering the current education plan in Poland everyone has at least basic foreign language competency. You couldn’t be more wrong. Statistically, the greatest percentage of people unable to speak any foreign language live in the countryside. This is, however, a big generalization, as such people can also be easily found in big cities and metropoles. This is a result of many factors. It happens that we don’t try to learn foreign languages at school or even if we try, learning such things is just not our thing. Additionally, language skills are diminished if you don’t practice them or hone them. All these factors may result in poor command of any foreign language or the necessity to brush up on your language skills. It is good to know that such an obstacle can be overcome while looking for a job abroad. Currently many employers who recruit foreigners try to provide them with an assistant who is responsible for seamless communication and information flow between the employer and the foreign employee. But before you reach that stage, you need to find the job and sign an agreement.

2. How to look for a job if you don’t know the language?

Internet is of course the great repository of knowledge, all information and job offers as well. But when you look for a job abroad online, you should have good foreign language skills to read the offer, reply to it and then communicate with the employer. How to look for a job if you don’t know the language, then? It is recommended to use the services of professionals. Recruitment specialists, also abroad, can be found at the employment agency. When you come to such an agency, you can count on finding a job offer that suits best your knowledge, skills and interests. The next step is to complete application documents. Finally you have to sign an employment agreement. Current EU provisions are clear – an employment agreement needs to be signed in the language which is comprehensible to the employee. Employment agencies ensure that the employment is transparent and honest. Additionally they offer their clients permanent help and support, even after the departure. That is why employment agencies are undoubtedly an option you should consider when looking for a job abroad. It is good to know that job offers for people without foreign language skills are not rare. Many such offers can be found in agriculture and horticulture; however, you can also find many interesting offers in other industries.

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