Work in the Netherlands without knowing the language – please contact the recruitment agency and get an attractive job

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Work in the Netherlands without knowing the language – please contact the recruitment agency and get an attractive job


July 2019

Nowadays, knowing a foreign language is a prerequisite not only for working abroad. The majority of attractive offers require the candidate to speak one or even two foreign languages. This is hardly surprising, considering that the younger generation of workers learn foreign languages from an early age on a par with Polish. But the labor market is not only young, well-educated employees. In that case, does the lack of foreign language proficiency doom you to a worse job for less money? Not at all.

Knowledge of foreign languages and its relevance in the labor market

The younger generation of employees, who already play a major role in the labor market, and those who are just entering it, usually have no problems with knowledge of a foreign language. This is not always the case. Although this group of young employees under the age of 35 have at least studied English or German since primary school, this does not mean they have learned it successfully. For some, language simply “doesn’t stick” and despite one’s best efforts, proficiency is never achieved. Of course, we should not forget about people over 40 years of age, who also still hold a considerable share in the labor market. This group, in turn, had to learn foreign languages in adulthood. Some of them did not have such an opportunity or lacked the appropriate motivation. In this age group, the most well-known foreign language is Russian, which is used in some corporations doing business in Eastern Europe. But, as we mentioned, the lack of foreign language skills doesn’t necessarily disqualify an employee seeking an attractive position.

Foreign language and work abroad

It would seem that seeking a job abroad is entirely different when it comes to the employers’ requirements. Usually, the first associations are that without knowledge of any language finding a job abroad is downright impossible. The reality is slightly different. Not knowing a foreign language not only doesn’t disqualify a candidate in their effort to find work abroad, but doesn’t even rule them out in the search for particularly attractive offers. It is worth noting that in the foreign labor market, employers nowadays most appreciate the experience and knowledge, but not as much academic one as life wisdom that comes from the work performed earlier. So even if Polish is the only language you speak, it is also possible to get an attractive and well-paid job abroad.

How to find a job abroad without knowing foreign languages?

If you have already decided to seek a job abroad, how do you break through all the foreign-language job offers? What do employers expect from you; what do they offer you? How do you find your way around all this, if you do not understand a word? Some might say that the Google translator will come to your aid and will deftly translate any job offer. There’s more. After all, how to write a grammatically correct message to an employer, so as not to shame yourself? How to sign a contract that you do not understand? After all, you wouldn’t copy it all to the online translator; there is an effective and good solution to these problems as well. The answer is going to a recruitment agency. The recruitment agency is a place where all those looking for work abroad will receive the necessary assistance, both linguistic and technical. After a preliminary recruitment, a recruitment agency employee will find and offer the candidate job offers that are suitable for them in terms of their expectations, physical conditions and their existing knowledge and skills. They will then walk the candidate through the whole employment process, explaining all the legal details and clarifying the agreement. At the next stage of cooperation, you can count on the recruitment agency’s support in organizing transportation and accommodation abroad. It is worth remembering that even after going abroad, the employee is not left on their own. Using the offer of a recruitment agency is an excellent and convenient solution, allowing you to get attractive and well-paid employment even without knowing a foreign language.

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