Work in the Netherlands, legally and with fair wages, only with a recruitment agency

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Work in the Netherlands, legally and with fair wages, only with a recruitment agency


November 2018

The Netherlands enjoys great interest among those who want to find a job abroad. The Kingdom of the Netherlands owes such popularity to its friendly, mild climate, interesting culture, as well as having a unique, multicultural community. A trip to the Netherlands is all the more attractive since the work there can be legal, on decent terms, based on a previously signed contract.

Immediate work in the Netherlands; possible with a recruitment agency

The factors that favor those leaving for work to the Netherlands include:

  • an opportunity to find a job, even without special qualifications
  • work also for those who do not speak the language
  • work for students and young people, as well as for couples
  • possibility of obtaining the right to retirement benefits
  • health insurance
  • attractive hourly rates

How to find a good job abroad?

It is worth remembering that it’s best not to take just any job offer in the Netherlands that seems interesting to us. Such an action may have unpleasant consequences, including financial ones.

For all those looking for a job abroad with a Dutch employer, specialists familiar with the local market suggest using the help of a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies–professional trip organizers

Recruitment agencies for work abroad are well versed in the realities of the Dutch labor market, and the leading ones have been operating for many years, have an established position and cooperate with reliable companies from the Netherlands. With this, the job offers that they offer to all jobseekers are really attractive and, above all, legal.

With their subjective approach to candidates, recruitment agencies are gaining an increasing popularity. People who are satisfied with the services of a recruitment agency recommend this kind of help to others as a form of effective job search.

Benefits and amenities for those leaving for work abroad

Recruitment agencies abroad do not hire employees, but only mediate in finding a legal and attractive employment. They match the offer to the candidate’s requirements as well as their abilities, and often also organize travel to the place of employment.

The offers that a recruitment agency abroad may offer are vetted and, above all, concluded based on a legal agreement, consistent with the Dutch law. A recruitment agency also signs with every candidate a referral for work in Polish, which defines, e.g.:

  • the amount of the guaranteed minimum wage
  • employer’s company name
  • the type of work and the place of its performance
  • rights and obligations of the Parties

Work in the Netherlands for those seeking employment immediately, usually for a few months, also often involves the possibility of taking advantage of accommodation.

It is worth choosing such a solution, since it not only provides a comfortable, proven location, but also saves time and money–apartments or small houses where accommodation is organized are located near the employer’s office, so you can forget the travel costs. The apartment fee, on the other hand, is not high and it can be easily settled from the wages you receive.

Registering with a recruitment agency, or your first steps to get a job abroad

Registering with the agency is free and the broker does not charge any fees for its service. Professional recruitment agencies have their own offices, where you can get all the information. They also have websites where all those looking for employment in the Netherlands can find out what documents they need to collect. Then, simply fill in the questionnaire, which, along with the necessary documents, is sent to the agency via e-mail, or is brought to the office.

You can also rely on the agency to clarify all the questions that bother you, answered by recruiters employed in the agency.

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