Work in the Netherlands for the Poles all year round – leaving for work in the winter period?

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Work in the Netherlands for the Poles all year round – leaving for work in the winter period?


January 2020

Winter is for many people the time of rest, slowing down, but for others, it is the time of hard work and the possibility of high earnings. Winter is the time when many decide to work abroad. Although more people leave in the spring-summer period, also in winter the foreign labour market offers interesting jobs. The Netherlands is one of the countries where there is no shortage of work for the Poles all year round.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands boasts a vast labour market, where jobs are available throughout the year, so we cannot speak of its seasonality. The demand for foreign workers does not diminish here with the end of summer. Certainly their structure changes, as Polish students, who willingly go to work in the Netherlands in summer, return to continue their studies, but the gap is filled by other workers.

Jobs for the Poles in the Netherlands all year round. That is, which industries do not rest during winter?

In winter the Netherlands offers jobs in many industries. It is available all year round in halls warehouses, and this industry does not slow down even during the winter months. There are also plenty of job offers for the Poles in the horticulture. The Netherlands is a well-known world producer of potted plants, mainly flowers, which are grown in greenhouses regardless of the season. During the winter, nursing work or grafting of seedlings is usually performed.
Also the construction industry is working in full gear. Although the weather conditions are not favourable for the construction of new buildings, the interior finishing is carried out all year round, that is also in the winter months. Before Christmas, you can find employment in courier companies and also in work related to the production of Christmas wreaths or care and preparation for sale of Christmas trees.
It is worth remembering that you can also work in the Netherlands during Christmas. Moreover, you can count on a higher salary at that time.

How to find a job in the Netherlands in winter?

There are plenty of ads with job offers in the Netherlands, and you can easily find them on the Internet. Nevertheless, finding a suitable offer can be difficult for those who do not speak the language and those who are going to work abroad for the first time. Besides, although Dutch employers have a friendly attitude towards Polish employees, it is worth making sure that the employment found is fully legal, which will help avoid unpredictable unpleasant situations.
It can be ensured by starting cooperation with a Polish recruitment agency, which, among other things, will find a job offer in the Netherlands that matches the skills and needs of a given person. Agencies carefully verify the legality of all offers. You can also count on having all the conditions, concerning finances as well as duties and accommodation, clearly defined.
It is a great help to not only avoid unnecessary stress but also save time. Employment agencies in the Netherlands also provide assistance in organising your travel, preparing the required documents or dealing with formalities.

How to get prepared for working in the Netherlands during the winter period?

The Dutch climate is similar to the Polish one. The difference is that there are usually stronger winds here and it rains more often but, on the other hand, you should not expect biting frost there. Nevertheless, when going to work for a few weeks or months that fall in the winter, one should not forget to pack warm clothes, suitable footwear or a hat and a scarf. Even if the work will not be carried out outside, clothing will certainly be necessary on the way to or from work.
Going to work in the Netherlands in winter is not only an opportunity to boost your budget but also to get to know a slightly different face of this country, which is typically associated by the Poles with tulips and windmills. Such a decision may turn out to be an excellent solution – provided that the employment is legal and the financial conditions are clear.

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