What prerequisites must be met to get a legal job in the Netherlands?

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What prerequisites must be met to get a legal job in the Netherlands?


November 2018

The Netherlands is a country where more and more Poles are taking up jobs. Many of them are seasonal workers employed by recruitment agencies. Using professional agencies for work abroad is a good way to find a job offer that suits you best. We tell you what prerequisites must be met to find a legal job in the Netherlands.

Recruitment agencies for work abroad, it is a guarantee of legal employment

Using the services of a proven, reliable recruitment agency abroad ensures that the terms of employment, as well as the salary will be what you had agreed to. The recruitment agency is supervising the entire employment process. Candidates can rely on help, explanation of incomprehensible issues related to employment or the work itself. The most important thing, however, is that the jobs the recruitment agencies offer to Poles are legal employment, involving insurance, and often also accommodation.

Who is a job candidate

Do you need to have special skills to get a legal employment in the Netherlands? What characteristics should a future employee show? There are just a few such prerequisites–and the basic one is making a decision regarding the trip to work.

Legal work in the Netherlands is available to adults who want to work honestly. They do not need special education. Recruitment agencies in the Netherlands have offers for those who do not have vocational qualifications. For example, such offers are often used by Polish students seeking temporary work for holidays. There is also no need to use Dutch or even English, although such knowledge is useful, of course. Work in the Netherlands, e.g. in the horticultural sector, can also be done without knowledge of foreign languages.

Work in the Netherlands is increasingly often taken up by young couples, who care about finding employment with the same employer. Recruitment agencies provide partners with travel, employment in the same company and shared accommodation. This is gaining more and more popularity, and the advantage of such work is no need to part for a long time. In addition, shared workplace allows making friends in one circle, and couples working abroad in the same company can ride to and from work together, making them feel much safer in a new place.

Documents required in the recruitment process

If you have already decided to look for a job in the Netherlands, use the help of a recruitment agency,

which will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly and without complications. You can easily find a list of necessary documents to be collected on the agency’s website. Usually, however, a prerequisite for taking up employment in the Netherlands through an agency is to have an up-to-date identity card or passport. Those leaving for the Netherlands are also obliged to have a bank account and have a valid payment card. If you have already worked in the Netherlands, the agency will also ask you for your BSN (Sofinummer) number.

The agency signs a contract in Polish with each candidate, in which, among other things, it specifies the minimum wage, the type of work performed, as well as the name of the Dutch employer.

What documents must be filled in when arriving to work in the Netherlands

One of the first things to do after coming to the Netherlands is to sign a contract with a Dutch employer. If this work is undertaken in the Netherlands for the first time, it will also be necessary to acquire a BSN, i.e. Sofinummer–the Dutch tax identification number. This number is necessary in many situations, for example in a hospital or when applying for social benefits. To get it, you need to check in with your municipality within the first five days of your stay, not counting the day of arrival. You must also pay a compulsory health insurance premium, in line with the Dutch law, i.e. Zorgverzekeringswet. 

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