The role of the Polish employment agency in the Netherlands. Advantages of legal employment

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The role of the Polish employment agency in the Netherlands. Advantages of legal employment


October 2019

When you decide to search for a job abroad, you face a dilemma whether to search on your own or to seek the support of specialists. Employment agencies offer such specialized support in seeking the work abroad. Cooperation with them provides a comprehensive package of benefits and facilities. One of the most important benefits is ensuring legal and regular employment. What other benefits are brought by employment agencies and what is their role? Let’s explain it.

What does the Polish employment agency offer in the Netherlands?

Employment agency is a place, where a candidate can find a number job offers in various sectors. In other words, such offices look for employees and then send them to work for a specific third-party employer. Generally, employment agencies aim their efforts at seeking jobs abroad. Depending on the profile of a given office, it can be specialized in seeking jobs in a specific country, in a group of countries or throughout the European Union, and even, much less often, outside Europe. Additionally, employment agencies they can gather job offers only from a selected industry or sector or operate on a much larger scale. It is not unusual in such a specialization and it should not bother job candidates.

Tasks of the Polish employment agency

The basic and most obvious task of Polish employment agencies is seeking employees and hiring them on behalf of a foreign employer. This is a cursory approach to the issue, as the business activities of employment agencies go far beyond this framework. Recruitment first. Employment agencies recruit foreign employers, select employees in terms of knowledge and skills for specific positions. Then the office representative signs the employment contract with the candidate on behalf of the foreign employer. The role of the employment agency doesn’t stop there. Depending on the needs and wishes of the candidate, the employment agency also organizes transport to the place of employment and accommodation near the workplace. It is worth taking advantage of this support, as it greatly facilitates the organization of the trip, and also removes from shoulders a lot of stress and nerves associated with searching on your own. That’s not all. The employment agency offers its employees the essential support also in the workplace. Employees have at its disposal the office representative, who has the necessary language skills and can help clear any possible misunderstandings with the employer, settle official errands, or even communicate during a doctor’s appointment.

Advantages of using the help of an employment agency

Given the huge amount of help the employment agency provides to the benefit of the candidate, there is no doubt that such cooperation is very valuable and profitable for the employee. Of course, both the job offer as well as transport and accommodation can be found on your own, mainly when you make use of the Internet. It should always be remembered that matters handled in such way may not always be authentic. We expose ourselves to the cheats and frauds. In addition, the main and, seemingly, the most important advantage of being employed by the employment agency is security of legal employment. This advantage should not be underestimated. Legal employment gives you the full right to benefit from health care services, and in the event of any accident at work, it also provides you with the accident insurance. In addition, all taxes and contributions are paid under the legal contract and legally paid remuneration. This means that even when you are abroad, you work on the capital of your pension. Perhaps younger employees are not thinking about retirement-related issues. But for an employee, who needs only a few years of work to retire, this is an extremely important issue. Considering all the benefits of being employed by an employment agency, it is definitely worth taking advantage of this form of cooperation.

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