The role of a recruitment agency for work abroad in looking for jobs in the Netherlands

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The role of a recruitment agency for work abroad in looking for jobs in the Netherlands


January 2019

There are many reasons why people leave their homeland and seek a better life in other countries. Some of them are based on the economic situation of those departing, others result from the desire for professional development or the desire to change one’s current life.

Recruitment agencies play a significant role in the recruitment and employment of workers from Poland in the Netherlands.

Multi-purpose role of a recruitment agency

Most of the people employed in the Netherlands used the services of a recruitment agency at some point while looking for a job. For some of them, such assistance was only a starting point in their job search; however, many people leaving for work to the Netherlands declare that they use the help of professional recruitment agencies every time.

The role of a recruitment agency is a multi-purpose one, since it is responsible for many issues – both related to organizing the recruitment process and the work itself. For the sake of simplicity, it can be stated that a recruitment agency plays the role of:

  • recruiter
  • intermediary
  • professional counselor
  • caretaker
  • organizer on the labor market

Recruiters at a recruitment agency register job applicants and present them with job offers in the Netherlands that are best suited to their expectations, qualifications and preferences. Thus, an Agency not only helps jobseekers, but also foreign employers, to whom they direct people who meet their needs and requirements.

As an intermediary, the agency deals with mediation in the employment process. It is not an employer, as it does not hire employees, but directs, supports, leads and advises them when seeking a job.

Selection of suitable job offers in the Netherlands

As a professional counselor, an agency not only picks an offer, guided by the employee‘s best interest, but also advises what job could meet their expectations. The recruiters employed in recruitment agencies in the Netherlands have extensive experience and, with their ability to work with people, are perfectly suited to this role.

A recruitment agency helps you find an offer involving legal employment, good working conditions, timely salaries and insurance.

A sense of security when traveling to work abroad is very important, especially if you are leaving for the first time, are not familiar with the realities of the labor market and, in addition, do not know the language.

Another role performed by recruitment agencies is organization. This involves the possibility of organizing the entire trip to your destination, as well as providing accommodation close to your workplace.

If you add that to the fact that recruitment agencies do not charge fees for their services, it isn’t strange that more and more people are deciding to go to the Netherlands to work with such help. Why look for employment on your own, struggling with numerous unpredictable situations and suffering loads of stress, when there are professionals on site who deal with each client with great care.

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