The recruitment process before starting work in The Netherlands – we explain how to find employment abroad

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The recruitment process before starting work in The Netherlands – we explain how to find employment abroad


January 2019

There are still many Poles who choose to go abroad to look for work. The Netherlands is still a very attractive country for them. The recruitment process is limited to the minimum and the recruitment agencies in The Netherlands help Polish people to find legal employment, organise travel and arrange all the required formalities.

Why is it beneficial to use help from a recruitment agency abroad?

It is not an easy thing to find legal, in other words safe employment abroad often due to the lack of knowledge of the market, but also the language. People going to work abroad can easily fall prey to dishonest employers and experience problems with many other things, such as organising accommodation or claim their rights. For this reason, the assistance of a professional and experienced work agency is invaluable. Work agencies have many legal job offers in The Netherlands, they work together with the verified and reliable employers and are helping candidates match job offers with their expectations and qualifications. To find an agency who runs its’ business based on relevant certificates and effectively organises travels to The Netherlands for work is the first and very important step to take.

Recruitment process – it’s easy!

In order to take part in a recruitment process, you need to register on the website of a work agency. On the website you’ll find all the information what documents you need. You will need the following:

  • CV in Polish or English with a picture
  • A colour, double sided scan of your valid identity card or a passport
  • A colour, double sided scan of your driving licence (if applicable)
  • A scan of the BSN/SOFI number, applicable to those who worked in The Netherlands in the past

On the website you will also find a personal questionnaire that you need to fill in. You can also do it online or download it and fill in manually and attach all the required documents, send it by e-mail or deliver personally to the agency. The recruiters will analyse each application and will choose the most suitable one. They will contact a candidate to inform him/her about the result of the recruitment and also to agree upon a meeting date at which all the formalities will be arranged, such as:

  • Signing the contract for working abroad
  • Discussing the travel details

In case of any uncertainties, the employees of a work agency are ready to help and explain any doubts and give advice. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions – a recruiter has a wide knowledge about the job and any other related questions, such as financial or social conditions and the employee’s rights and obligations. He/she will answer every question clearly and precisely and the meeting will be held in a nice atmosphere.

The agency is responsible for the recruitment and the selection of employees and organises transport to the location of employment and arranges accommodation in comfortable apartments or small houses. Thanks to all this, a person who decided to go abroad can be sure that the work he/she will be doing will not only be legal but will also be matching his/her capabilities.

The last phase for which a candidate must be prepared is the travel to work. The agency’s personnel will provide the exact date, time and meeting place to start a new chapter in your life.

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