Summer work in the Netherlands or departure for longer – what pays off for the Poles?

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Summer work in the Netherlands or departure for longer – what pays off for the Poles?


August 2019

The current difficult situation on the labour market, particularly in some regions of Poland, makes lots of our compatriots to go abroad. Working abroad is often tough, but wages paid in EURO compensate for separation from their loved ones. The most common dilemma and question asked by people who want to go to work abroad for the first time is whether it is better to go there in the summer season or conclude a contract of employment for a longer period of time? We show the advantages and disadvantages of both these solutions.

Summer work in the Netherlands

The most popular summer work in the Netherlands offered by employers and employment agencies is to be found in agriculture or horticulture. The Netherlands is considered to be one of the largest producers of cut and potted flowers in Europe. Thus, each and every year, lots of people with working hands are needed for all plants to be sown, planted, and then properly nurtured and harvested. When choosing this kind of work, remember that very often it is performed in a leaning or kneeling position, and workers must be ready to spend all day long on their feet. Flowers in the Netherlands are grown in greenhouses. You can work there even in autumn or winter, because higher temperatures in them let to grow flowers all year round. If you decide to go to work in the Netherlands during your summer holidays, you must also keep in mind that it is slightly hotter in greenhouses than outdoors. Therefore, if you do not tolerate high temperatures or suffer from heart problems, it is better to choose a different business sector or a cooler season for your trip. In spite of these minor difficulties which can be encountered while working in horticulture, this is a very effort-rewarding and pleasant work. It is much better to spend time working with flowers than, for example, in a closed production hall, where there is no sunlight all day long. Moreover, an additional advantage of working with flowers is that every day you can see its measurable effects. Flowers blossom and you can see their beauty just in front of your eyes and admire their growing process. Indeed, it gives a lot of satisfaction. Moreover, earnings in horticulture are satisfactory. Extra summer holiday work is ideal for pupils of age and students who want to take advantage of their school holidays to earn some money.

Working longer in the Netherlands

Dutch employers are also very keen to conclude long-term contracts with foreign workers. A worker on a long-term contract is ‘a valuable asset’ for such employers because they can rely on him/her and thus they are more willing to invest in his/her development and job satisfaction. If looking for business sectors to find attractive job offers when going to the Netherlands for a longer period of time, horticulture is definitely one of them. Flowers, both cut and potted, require attention from early spring to late autumn. If, however, you are interested in a longer departure, you can successfully work in flower growing in greenhouses. All these types of work may come as a surprise, but remember that working in horticulture stands not only for flower harvesting. Worker’s duties include sowing, planting to start with, then fertilising, watering and nursing and finally harvesting, packing and preparing for dispatch. A trip to work in the Netherlands for a longer period of time also goes together with a gradual increase in remuneration along with your growing seniority. In addition, every year spent working in the Netherlands entitles you for extra AOW pension when you reach retirement age. Therefore, if your family and professional conditions allow for it, you should decide to go to work in the Netherlands for a longer period of time.

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