Seasonal work for the Poles in the Netherlands?

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Seasonal work for the Poles in the Netherlands?


May 2019

The Netherlands is a huge employment market with a constant shortage of labour. For this reason, Dutch employers are willing to employ people from abroad. It applies to the Poles as well. And our compatriots, tempted by potential attractive remuneration and taking up additional, seasonal employment, take advantage of this opportunity willingly. Before going to work in the Netherlands, it is good to know the market and find out more about job offers. So what seasonal jobs await the Poles in the Netherlands?

Potential seasonal work in the Netherlands for the Polish people

Seasonal work in the Netherlands stands for a very large market and a lot of job offers in many sectors and industries to choose from. Work awaits you in various sectors, from construction, through logistics and warehousing up to horticulture. It is worth noting that in many countries you can also find seasonal work in the hotel industry and tourism. However, the Netherlands is not a frequent travel destination and this sector of its economy does not require to be supported by foreign workers. Of course, such job offers can also be found, but much less frequently. As far as the other mentioned sectors are concerned, what are job positions offered there? Both highly qualified staff as well as unskilled workers (trainees or assistants) are needed in the construction sector. For example, the construction of various types of buildings, whether single- or multi-family, as well as utility premises, requires their support. Polish carpenters and other woodworkers are highly respected due to their good education and experience. Workers and their assistants are also needed for finishing works. Logistics and warehousing are also fields of the economy which need staff very much. Logistics chiefly stands for freight forwarding and transport, so both forwarders with experience and good knowledge of several languages as well as truck drivers are needed. When it comes to warehouse work, there is much to choose from. It can involve not only warehouse servicing and organisation, but also packing various goods into cartons and then into larger pallets. On the one hand, these are jobs which require much physical strength and endurance because a lot of goods packed are heavy. On the other hand, there is also work for women (who are not so strong as men) in warehouses. Women in warehouses usually pack smaller, finer goods.

Seasonal work in the Netherlands in horticulture

As it has already been mentioned, there are also opportunities for taking up seasonal work in horticulture. It is probably the dominant sector in the Netherlands when it comes to the employment of foreigners. It also offers attractive job opportunities for women and minors. It should be noted that in the Netherlands legal work can be undertaken from the age of 15. It does not require much strength, only determination. In addition, open-air growing crops favours the seasonality of this type of work, which ends with harvesting. The Netherlands is also abundant in greenhouses, where horticulture works last almost all year round – this is another employment opportunity, although not entirely seasonal. As far as open-air work is concerned, it involves not only harvesting, but also many other aspects of plant cultivation and treatment. Although the cultivation of strawberries and asparagus is quite popular in the Netherlands, you will find many more job offers in the range of planting and treatment of potted plants and decorative cut flowers. Why is work in horticulture so attractive? Apart from the fact it does not call for lifting weights, it also does not require any skills or specialist knowledge to perform it. You have already acquired many skills related to horticulture works or they can be easily learned on the spot, in the course of your work. Language command is also an important element. Working in horticulture requires minimal communication. You can show your intentions if you lack words or you do not know how to be understood. This is also an important issue for anyone who, for example, treats such work as a one-off fulfilment for their financial needs or who finds it difficult to learn foreign languages. Nevertheless, seasonal work in horticulture is a good opportunity to earn a living during your summer holidays.

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