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Legally and under good conditions – work in The Netherlands


January 2019

The possibility to earn more is the most common factor which take Polish people over the edge to go abroad and look for work. In The Netherlands in many jobs one can receive a substantially higher pay than in Poland and there is job variety. An attractive salary even without the knowledge of Dutch or professional experience is realistic.

Work in The Netherlands – what is best to avoid?

To find legal employment which will meet the expectations is not easy. For people who go abroad for the first time it can be problematic. Besides there are also dangers that await them. Problems with finding legal employment is the first thing that one needs to take into account when going to The Netherlands on one’s own. Of course not everyone will have a bad luck of a dishonest employer but such risk does exist. We often hear about poor working conditions, accommodation which didn’t meet basic standards or problems with recovering a worker’s salary. In case of a foreign employee who doesn’t know the country and it’s law, it is a non-enviable situation. This is why more and more people who are leaving abroad for work use the assistance of professional work agencies. Then they can be ensured that the work they are going to do will be legal and the salary will be paid on time and in the amount agreed in a contract. Besides a work agency supports the Polish workers residing abroad and checks meticulously how the Dutch employer fulfils his obligations, before a Polish worker is sent to him.

Work in The Netherlands, use the services of agencies of proven record

A good, professional work agency has nothing to hide. On their website you can find all the basic information such as address, telephone number and operating rules. Of course the agency’s operational activities must be supported by relevant certificates, which can be checked on the website of the Ministry of Economy. Employment in The Netherlands via a work agency occurs straightforwardly to the foreign employer based on a written contract signed by those agencies with the employed. Work agencies abroad cannot charge money for their services. The only payments which work agencies are entitled to are payments for the actual costs, such as travel and return of an employee or payments for the translation of documents.

Safe, legal, profitable, comfortable – this what working in The Netherlands means for Polish people

Safe and legal work, fair and timely paid income, respecting the rights of an employee and insurance – these are the basic factors which support the advantage of using a work agency’s services. Another reason is the lack of superfluous formalities, clear employment conditions and very often also the possibility for accommodation in The Netherlands, which is low cost, in the proximity of the work location and meets all the standards.

When travelling for work abroad, especially for a longer period of time, it is important that the place you will be returning to after a day’s work is comfortable and giving the possibility to rest and relax. Another advantage which is worth mentioning is that you will be surrounded by your compatriots – you can speak Polish, make new friends and count on the help from other Polish employees.

The demand for workers in The Netherlands is very high. Going for a legal work via a proven work agency you can be sure that any problems with a salary or disrespecting the rights will not concern you. A work agency has a lot of job offers in their database and they will surely find something for you matching your needs and qualifications. Contrary to looking on your own, working in The Netherlands via a work agency gives you the security of a salary and fair employment conditions.

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