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Jobs in the Netherlands—it does pay!


April 2019

Many people who are less aware of the topic, associate work in the Netherlands with seasonal employment. But this is only part of the truth. Indeed, we can find seasonal work in the Netherlands in the summer time. But even more often employers are seeking employees for a longer period. They offer them long-term legal contracts along with all contributions, and guarantee all the benefits. The important fact is that it is a fixed and stable job. Are there any more advantages of working in the Netherlands?

Changing jobs and going to the Netherlands

When changing jobs, we always strive to improve our living conditions, earnings or comfort of work. In addition, if this change is associated with moving to the distant place, we try to think out and reconsider this decision. A common destination for the economic migration of Poles is the Netherlands. Although the first time when trips to work were popular already passed, and the number of immigrating Poles is much lower than in the first years after opening the borders, the popularity of the Dutch labor market is still very high. Why the Netherlands? Why not to go to Greece or Italy? The answer is very simple. Work in the Netherlands just does pay.

Why the Netherlands?

On the one hand, the Netherlands is relative close to us, and much closer than France or Spain. This is also a very important issue for Poles going abroad to work, especially when they leave their families, wives and children in their homelands. In addition, Poles are welcome in the Netherlands and perceived as valued workers. These are enough jobs for us, which in addition are profitable and well-paid. In the case you apply for the positions with accommodation included, you do not have to worry about searching for a flat. The vast majority of such offers comes from various employment agencies. Seeking job with such the support guarantees secure employment, timely payment of remuneration as well as the care provided by the coordinator, who helps you with all the official matters. In case of any problems, an employee can also turn to him/her for help. And most importantly—work in the Netherlands just pays. Earnings are relatively high and the cost of living is low, thanks to that you have a great opportunity to put some money away and make savings. As a workplace, the Netherlands is also very popular among people, who have to save a larger sum of money for a specific purpose, for example for tuition or a flat.

Earnings at Dutch employers

It might seem that fluctuations in the value of euro in relation to Polish zloty will dramatically reduce profitability of taking jobs in the Netherlands. Still, thanks to the minimum wage, which is constantly raised by the Dutch government, this country is still an attractive destination for Poles, who seek well-paid jobs. What is more, Dutch employers make sure their offers do attract valuable employees. It is well-known that when working in the Netherlands, you do not need to speak Dutch. But it is also known from before that the more you can do and the higher your qualifications are, the more valuable you are for the employer, and this also translates into remuneration. As we already mentioned, it is good to use the services of employment agencies. Their extensive contacts and background knowledge can provide you with a much better and well-paid job, whereas you also receive full support and assistance at every step of your professional career abroad.

Extra benefits of working in the Netherlands

The important information for each person who is legally employed is that if you lose your job, you can apply for unemployment benefit. The relevant condition of granting such a benefit is the situation when the job was not lost due to the employee’s fault. In addition, the employee needs to prove that within last 36 weeks he/she had been working for 26 weeks, regardless of the number of working hours in the week. Moreover, it is only one year of work in the Netherlands which provides you with an entitlement to receive 2% of the basic AOW retirement benefit. The basic AOW benefit is paid after the age of 65, regardless of the home country.

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