Horticulture jobs in the Netherlands – how to get employment in this sector?

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Horticulture jobs in the Netherlands – how to get employment in this sector?


October 2018

The Netherlands is a small country, located in the western part of the European lowlands, on the North Sea coast. It is also a country where excellent cheese is made, and numerous fields are covered with the tracts of tulipsin the spring. The Netherlands has two capitals, namely the administrative one – The Hague and the constitutional one, which is Amsterdam. It is a country that Poles are more and more willing to choose as their destination for economic migration.

How to find a horticulture job in the Netherlands

The paid employment that the Poles are looking for in the Netherlands include e.g., seasonal work in horticulture, fruit orchards, with flowers or asparagus, or with fruit trees. These are the usual activities that do not require special qualifications. Basic knowledge of English (and sometimes even no knowledgeof anyforeign language) is really enough.

Those who decide to leave are usually interested in current job offers without language skills. However, seeking employment on your own is complicated, and the language is a barrier here. Help and advice on finding a suitable job offer can be found at a recruitment agency for jobs abroad, which offers many interesting job offers.

Benefits of using the assistance of an employment agency
The Recruitment agency is specialized in recruiting candidates for work in the Netherlands. It accepts applications from unskilled people looking for employment in the horticultural industry, and the only condition for the trip is being over 18 years of age and making contact with the agency’s office. Its partners, and at the same time the future employers of travelling workers, are primarily Dutch employment offices, which have several decades of experience in the job market throughout the Netherlands. For those seeking employment in horticulture, recruitment agenciespropose an offer tailored to their requirements and legal employment based on an appropriate contract. The whole recruitment process in a Netherlands-based employment agency is carried out by qualified personnel. The Agency assumes full responsibility for the process and for employee selection. It organizes trips abroad and signs a civil law contract with the candidate. The job offers in the Netherlands only include those that come from reliable employers, with many people already having found legal employment there.

What the recruitment process looks like, or how a recruitment agency handles its employees
The recruitment process itself is very simple. All you need to do is prepare a CV in Polish with your photo and have a scanned personal ID, as well as have a bank account your future salary will be transferred to. After registering on the website of a recruitment agency for jobs in the Netherlands, all you need to do is fill in the personal questionnaire, where basic data should be provided, such as: name, surname, address, and professional experience. After filling in and submitting the form together with the attached documents, all that remains is to wait until the employee of the recruitment agency contacts you in order to arrange all details and make an appointment.

It is then that the candidate will be informed about the details of the job offer in horticulture, the salary conditions as well as accommodation and insurance. They will be able to get answers to all questions that bother them, and then will receive a contract, signed with therecruitment agency, for referral to work in a Dutch company, also containing an entry on the minimum salary. It is only after arriving in the Netherlands that the employee signs a contract with a Dutch company and sets the right hourly rate, which will apply to them, as well as find out what rules are applicable to the employee and the employer.

All of this is done very quickly and efficiently, and if someone seeks a job in the Netherlands immediately, for example during holidays, they will certainly be satisfied with such a solution. They will also be assured that all the conditions offered will actually be provided, and that the remuneration will be paid in the same amount as stated in the terms of the contract.

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