Holiday trip to work in the Netherlands or long-term employment – learn which one is worth it

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Holiday trip to work in the Netherlands or long-term employment – learn which one is worth it


June 2019

Working abroad, also in the Netherlands, is available in two options: on a seasonal and long-term basis. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages, and the choice is very individual. It depends on the form of employment, whether the aim is to earn extra cash, or rather to find a stable source of income, but also on the family or housing situation in the country. The key factor is also that working abroad just pays. Which jobs will let you both earn and save more? Learn which form of employment is the best choice.

How to seek job in the Netherlands?

Seeking a job abroad these days is much easier than before. Internet makes this quick and easy. It is worth remembering that the Web also opened up the way for frauds who want to line their own pocket. They prey on persons seeking jobs by making them believe in the necessity of paying the advance for accommodation or other needs. In the result, the scammed person is left unemployed, in a foreign country and with an empty wallet. In order to avoid such situations, the best option is to make use of the reliable and proven source of job offers. There is no doubt that employment agencies are such a place. These agencies offer stable employment overseas, transparent financial terms, clear terms of the contract and worker’s support provided by the agency at each stage of the employment process. Besides that, when using the services of a temporary employment agency, one can often choose the job offer with accommodation included. This is the whole long list of benefits, which are worth remembering.

The holiday trip to work in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there is also an opportunity to take up the holiday work, so one which is available in the specific season. Most often it concerns the agricultural and horticultural sector. This is a good option for people who are permanently employed in the country and who seek additional money. It also works well for pupils and students during the holiday period. This job allows to earn more money than one would while working in Poland for the same period of time. Even after deduction of costs of accommodation and living, this option still pays more than the seasonal work in the homeland. Even having compared the earnings from the seasonal work to the earnings from the long-term work in the Netherlands, the longer trip is paying considerably more. Why? Why is this the case? This is quite simple, and this phenomenon is driven by a mechanism similar to those in our country. The seasonal worker arrives only “for a moment”, the employer does not make excessive efforts to motivate him or her, at the same time offering the higher pay and extra bonuses. This is why when leaving for the seasonal work, irrespective of the age, the pay at the level of statutory minimum should be expected.

Long-term contract in the Netherlands

The long-term contract in the Netherlands is an excellent solution for singles, who have no obligations in Poland or for those who see their future in the Netherlands by leaving permanently. As in the case of seasonal employment, the jobseeker can use the services of an employment agency or choose a job offer with accommodation included. In the case of a long-term contract, the employee obviously obtains the holiday entitlement, and he/she has the possibility to come to Poland, following arranging the term with the employer. When it comes to the profitability of such trip and wages, this option is far more favorable for the worker than seasonal work. When signing the long-term contract with the employer, as in the case of work in Poland, the pay rise can be expected over time. The pay rise opportunity is connected with the employee commitment, his/her results and with the employer’s will to motivate the employee. In addition, some employers offer also an attractive bonus scheme, which covers long-term employees. This leads to the possibility of getting increased influx of cash. Higher pay is not the only thing. The attractive pension scheme is also worth mentioning; it enables receiving the established part of Dutch pension after reaching retirement age. The long-term contract in the Netherlands is thereby the most profitable option for the employee.

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