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En route to the Netherlands – work for Poles abroad


March 2019

Poland has been a member of the European Union for many years, and for Poles the possibility of working abroad is nothing new. Legal work abroad is still very attractive and many Poles decide to seize this opportunity. Invariably, right next to Germany, the Netherlands is the most frequent destination of economic emigration of Poles. Why is the country of tulips and windmills so financially attractive for us? Because it offers fair wages, legal employment and good living conditions.

A Pole – a valuable worker in the Netherlands

Dutch employers more and more often decide to sign long-term contracts with Polish employees. As a nation, over the years we have earned ourselves the reputation of being honest, hardworking and reliable employees. This is a win-win situation. Employers gain a good employee for a longer period of time, while the employee – stable, legal employment on good terms and for fair money. All these features make the Netherlands a frequently and willingly chosen financial emigration destination. In addition, until recently the knowledge of the language (at least basic) of the country in which we would like to work has been compulsory. This requirement made the language barrier an insurmountable obstacle for many people. The ever-increasing demand for workers has resulted in employers deciding more and more often to adapt workplaces to people without knowledge of the language. This is where the national coordinator comes in, who will take care of the employee’s interests and allow him/her to communicate comfortably with the employer. This is particularly useful for those who want to work in the Netherlands, as Dutch is not particularly popular and few people can boast of its knowledge.

The Netherlands is a great place to work and live

The attitude of the locals of a given country is of great importance for the choice of the country in which we will work. Germans look less and less favourably at emigrants. In the post-Brexit UK, the moods are even more unpleasant. In the Netherlands, on the other hand, from the very beginning, as soon as economic emigration began, visitors are invariably welcome by the Dutch. They remain open to foreigners, which makes the Netherlands an even better place to work. Both Poles and other economic migrants feel safe and secure in the Netherlands.

Working in the Netherlands is also an opportunity to develop

Dutch employers think as seriously about foreign workers as they do about their compatriots. As a result, Poles who go to work in the Netherlands are given the opportunity for self-development. For several years now, a Pole has not only been a manual worker for the worst jobs. More and more often we can observe our compatriots in managerial and leadership positions. This entails better earnings and, at the same time, gives junior employees the prospect of promotion. In our country, the minimum wage increases slightly every year. In the Netherlands, these increases are higher. As a result, leaving to work in the Netherlands entails increasing salaries year to year.

Economic emigration? Definitely the Netherlands

The Dutch labour market is constantly developing and the Dutch are looking for new employees. Job offers are extremely versatile. This makes it possible for everyone – regardless of age, gender or physical condition – to find a job. Employees share opinions about their employers, and Dutch employers are famous for taking care of their employees. In the Netherlands, workers can count on attractive wages, stable, legal employment and good working conditions. In addition, they also have the opportunity for promotion, which we have already mentioned. According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), as well as research conducted by Internet sites specializing in job search, the interest in foreign job offers continues to grow. Although there are much fewer offers from the Netherlands than, for example, from Germany, the Dutch ones are much more willingly chosen. This mostly stems from all the factors already mentioned.

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