Employment abroad – some hints on how to choose the best recruitment agency

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Employment abroad – some hints on how to choose the best recruitment agency


October 2018

A significant number of people go to work abroad, looking for an interesting job, higher salaries, better development prospects. It is also not surprising that new employment agencies are opening all the time on the market. Recruitment agencies for jobs abroad offer many different roles, addressed essentially to all people, even those who do not have high professional qualifications. Countries such as Great Britain and the Netherlands are particularly interesting to travelling workers.

How to look for immediate jobs in the Netherlands

You can, of course, look for employment in the Netherlands on your own, especially if you know the local market and the laws that govern it, as well as the local language. For many, however, going to work abroad will be a completely new experience; they should use the help of an experienced recruitment agency for jobs abroad. When choosing a specific agency, it is worth following a few important criteria.

You should find out how long the agency has been operating on the market and whether it has the required certificates. A recruitment agency for jobs abroad that you can trust should have adequate experience, and therefore have been in business for at least one year and be able to fulfill all obligations towards its co-workers in a timely manner.

Yet another very important detail is that the recruitment agencyhas an entry in the register of entities that conduct such activities. Access to such a register is free; you can get it on the website at http://www.kraz.praca.gov.pl/. It is also worth knowing that the largest recruitment agencies for jobs abroad are also part of the Polish HR Forum. Importantly, you also need to find out whether the recruitment agency you have chosen has its own liability insurance, as well as an additional insurance, for example, on the employer’s liability regarding accidents at work.

A professional agency also employs professional employees. It is justifiable to check whether our chosen agency hires properly qualified recruiters, who know the market requirements and are able to choose job offers in the Netherlands, in accordance with the requirements of individual candidates.

You should also know that the offered recruitment service is free of charge, and thatemployment agent has no right to charge any fees for it! The recruitment agency for jobs abroad has the right to only charge for medical examinations or translation of documents or actual transport costs, but the agency service itself is free.

What can you gain with an employment agency

If we do not know the foreign labor market, and also do not speak the country’s language very well, it is recommended to use the help of a recruitment agency. First of all, it will help you avoid the problems associated with filling in complicated documents, and a prospective candidate may count on professional advice. The recruitment agency for jobs abroad will always make every effort to ensure that the employee finds a suitable position for themselves. In addition, you can rely on a transfer to your destination organized for a small fee, accommodation (at favorable prices) close to your workplace, and if necessary, also translation of documents related to employment.

So if you do not know the labor market abroad, it is better to rely on a professional who will guide you through all formalities, which will give you a guarantee the job you land abroad will be a legal and safe employment, and your remuneration will always reach your bank account in a timely manner.

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