Does work in the Netherlands pay well and is it safe?

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Does work in the Netherlands pay well and is it safe?


February 2019

Every trip abroad is lined with doubt. Regardless of whether it is a tourist or a job-hunting trip. When you go abroad to work, there is more doubt. The primary ones involve questions about whether your trip is safe and whether it will be profitable. All you need to do is check everything thoroughly and prepare well.

Go make a living in the Netherlands

Employees from various countries, including Poland, have many different jobs to choose from in the Netherlands. The remuneration varies depending on the type of work you do. It should be noted that wages paid in euros are still more attractive to Poles than the remuneration in zlotys offered by Polish employers. As for the job, it is worth looking for one that, apart from a fair salary, will give you the opportunity to work in decent, comfortable conditions. Employees working as specialist staff, highly qualified and experienced, can expect well-paid and comfortable white-collar work. If you are not in this group, you can expect a job, for example, in horticulture.

Does work in the Netherlands pay well?

When going to work in the Netherlands, the question about profitability is usually asked first. It is important to us that leaving the homeland involves specific profits. That is why we convert the offered remuneration precisely. We then try to compare it with the cost of living, to estimate the expected amount that we will be able to save up. Obviously we must not forget about the necessary expenses, such as, e.g. the cost of accommodation and food. These are usually not large amounts. Furthermore, the Dutch companies we work with offer very attractive salaries. With this, a job trip will certainly pay off.

Safety in the Netherlands

Reports of vandalism and assaults taking place beyond our western border have somewhat dampened the enthusiasm of going to work abroad. Safety is the second thing we ask about, right after the profitability of working in the Netherlands. Here you should take into account the fact that Poles have been going to Holland for many years. These trips were initiated by the opening of borders within a united Europe. With time, Poles became more and more bold and more willing to go abroad. And although acts of violence towards economic emigrants have been observed in Germany or Great Britain, such situations never took place in the Netherlands. This happens for several reasons. First of all, the Netherlands is very open – both as a country and as a nation. They gladly accept anyone willing to support and strengthen their economy. Moreover, the Netherlands has been multicultural for years and the Dutch have already become accustomed to diversity among their country’s inhabitants.

Additional benefits of working in the Netherlands

When seeking employment through a job agency, you can expect many additional benefits. The most important thing is that you receive the care of a recruiter who will help you find the right job and then walk you through the whole employment process with a Dutch employer. In addition, you can rest assured that the work is completely legal, and as a result, as an employee, you are protected by all regulations and receive full rights associated with it. These rights also include the privilege to take paid leave, just like in Poland. The legality of work also involves the possibility of joining the pension scheme. This gives Poles the same pension rights as a Dutch citizen. Taking all these factors into account, it is clear that work in the Netherlands is not only safe, but also highly profitable. And long-term employment offers even more benefits.

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