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Autumn jobs in the Netherlands – we help to make the best choice


September 2019

Working abroad, also in the Netherlands, does not only mean a holiday job or contract for a year. In autumn you also can find numerous job offers for foreigners. Polish workers can easily find jobs in many sectors. Moreover, there is less competition in the labour market when summer holidays end. It is worth knowing what you may expect, which offers are the best, and also how to consider all possible options and choose the best and highest-paid offer.

1. Working in the Netherlands in the autumn-winter period.

The Netherlands has a very extensive labour market. Offers are available throughout the entire year, and we can hardly speak about any distinct seasonal character or decline in employment after the end of summer holidays. The labour market is less tense during the autumn-winter period. Students who want to earn some extra money in summer go back to studying in autumn. This leaves a gap which can be filled by those who spent their summer resting or working in their own country. In the autumn-winter period the labour market offers many vacancies in production halls and various warehouses and wholesalers. Horticulture is also not in the low season. The Netherlands is a major supplier of flowers – both cut and potted ones. As a result, the demand remains strong also in autumn. In order to ensure continuous sales and cultivation, employing additional workers also in autumn, and even in winter, is indispensable. How does it work? Of course with falling temperatures it is hard to imagine plant cultivation outdoors. But there are plenty of greenhouses in the Netherlands, and they cover vast areas. They are modern structures equipped in advanced irrigation systems. They also utilise natural solar heat and radiation, regardless of weather conditions. A kind of microclimate is formed in greenhouses, and it provides plants with favourable conditions for growth throughout the year. Of course, regardless of the technology level, crops need also human hands and care. And there is the space for numerous job offers in the autumn-winter period.

2. Who can work in the Netherlands in the low season?

It is a general rule that full demand for seasonal workers is during the summer period. However, it is worth remembering that the high season may be different between industries. While agriculture and open-air horticulture have the greatest demand for workers in the spring-summer period, in contrast to greenhouses, there are also offers which peak in the autumn-winter period. It strictly depends on the specific nature of work or fluctuating demand for specific goods depending on season. Another important aspect is that working abroad in autumn is not only limited to hard physical labour for men or young persons, and women can certainly find something for themselves. In the recruitment process and when selecting a job abroad you can always verify whether the work suits you in the scope of skills or physical effort. Asking employment agency professionals for assistance is a perfect solution. Specialists in recruiting abroad have a wide range of offers, know the specific nature of work and the requirements for specific positions. Knowledge in the area of employment abroad allows them to easily find and tailor offers to specific candidates. It is in the interest of the employment agency, the candidate and also the employer. Such cooperation is satisfying both to the Dutch employer, who employs the best candidates for specific jobs, and the employees, who know that they do not choose a job abroad that would require more physical strength and skills than they can offer.

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