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AUB van Bergen BV seeks people to work mainly in the horticulture sector. The employee’s main tasks will include packing and repacking flower bulbs, working with potted plants, planting, cutting, caring for various types of flowers such as orchids, gerberas or hydrangeas. The employee signs a contract with Beyond Resources for referral to work at AUB van Bergen BV, with a provision regarding minimum wage. Upon coming to the Netherlands, an employee signs a Dutch contract with information on the employer the work will be provided for, the appropriate hourly rate, and the rules that apply to the employer and the employee.


Age Companies with Collective Labours Agreement 38h Companies without CAO 40h
18 lat € 7,17 € 7,17
19 lat € 8,19 € 8,19
20 lat €9,22 €9,22
21 lat and up € 10,24 € 9,72

The above given rate is a hourly gross rate.

During weekends or over 38 hours in a week the hourly rate amounts to 135 % of basic rate.

Before leaving to Holland all candidates need to have bank account.



The employer mostly offers accommodation in brick houses, sometimes in hotels. The costs of accommodation are borne by the employee and they amount to 100,50 € per week per person. There is free Internet access and Polish TV in every home.


We offer transport of employees from Poland to the Netherlands. The cost of such a trip is between 80-90 € (depending on where you live). The transport may also be paid for by the employee with the driver at the time of transit.


Every person in the Netherlands is obliged to take out a medical expenses insurance. The cost of such insurance is covered by the employee and is € 30,50 per week. The insurance company with which an insurance contract has been concluded is Zorg&Zekerheid.


After 26 weeks of work, the Employee is entitled to join the pension scheme. In the Netherlands, this program is managed by Stichting Pensioenfonds voor Personeelsdiensten (STIPP). After 6 months, the employer will pay the employee's pension contribution in the amount of 2.4% of their remuneration for one year. If after one year the Employee is still employed, then from then on they will pay the pension contribution of 4.2% (of gross salary), and the employer will pay the pension contribution of 8.3% (of gross salary) for them. Annual leave does not interrupt the acquisition of pension rights. 26 weeks worked are included in seniority, provided the Employee does not stop working for a period longer than one year. However, it should be reminded that when an employee reaches retirement age, they must call the Netherlands themselves and communicate that they are entitled to a pension; to this end, all documents received from STIPP should be kept in a safe place.

After finishing work or after returning to their homeland, an Employee may apply to the UWV Employee Insurance Institution (Uitvoeringsinstituut Werknemersverzkeringen) for the issue of form E301/PD U1. This form is used to confirm periods of employment and can be used in contacts with various institutions in the Employee's homeland. It must be filled in and forwarded to Van Bergen Personeelsdiensten BV. The form will be forwarded to UWV, which will fill in the data and send the certificate to the Employee's home address. Van Bergen Groep is not responsible for incorrectly provided address details.

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