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Employment agency for work abroad Beyond Resources Sp. z o.o

Beyond Resources Sp. z o.o. is a recruitment agency providing jobs abroad, operating in accordance with the rules applicable according to the certificate issued by the Marshal of the Warmian-Masurian Province, agency reference number: 11656. We recruit employees to work in the Netherlands,
mainly in the horticultural sector.
We offer all-year and seasonal employment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact a Recruiter by phone:

Roksana: 668-001-737 lub 518-544-135

or personally at our office in Olsztyn:

ul. Zbigniewa Herberta 14/23
We work from Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Beyond Resources


Beyond Resources is an employment agency abroad. We work with a Dutch company AUB van Bergen B.V. which has been operating on the market for nearly 30 years.

We accept applications from candidates from all over Poland. We offer legal jobs abroad. Work in the Netherlands can be taken up seasonally (for 3 months) or for a longer period. Most of the companies we recruit for offer employment throughout the year.

Our employees receive current job offers every week. Each offer contains information on the sector the work is given in (e.g. horticulture), where it will be performed, when the trip is planned and what accommodation conditions and insurance are provided by the Dutch employer. Important information also includes: the hourly basis the work will be performed under (e.g. work for one morning shift or a shift system), how long the work is foreseen for and if there are requirements on the part of the employer regarding, e.g., knowledge of foreign languages, experience in a given job or having an up-to-date driving license. Our recruiters help all interested Candidates to fill in the documents necessary to work in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands is a relatively small country, with an area of less than 42 thousand square kilometers. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is divided into 12 provinces. The administrative capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is The Hague and the constitutional capital is Amsterdam. Services are the most important and the largest area of the economy. Three times less people work in industry, and even less in agriculture, even though the Netherlands ranks third in the world when it comes to agricultural export (these are primarily flowers and greenhouse vegetables – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers). The Dutch labor market is stable and also offers stable employment.

The cases of abuse or violation of employee rights are extremely rare. Dutch labor law governs all matters related to employment and employer-employee relations, both for native Dutch people and for immigrants.

The safest way to find and start work in the Netherlands is to use the services of an employment agency, which most often arranges the majority of formalities on behalf of the Candidate, including the issue of renting a room/flat with a possibility of accommodation and transport from Poland to the Netherlands.

Beyond Resources
Beyond Resources


Those looking for work abroad in horticulture often choose the Netherlands as their destination. Here you can easily find employment in greenhouse work cultivating cut and potted flowers as well as various ornamental plants. Many companies also offer work at harvesting and sorting various fruits and vegetables.

Most job offers in the horticultural sector involve jobs that do not require language skills. The vast majority of ads involves immediate work. Jobs are available both for those looking for all-year employment as well as seasonal work or holiday work. We also have job offers for couples abroad.


This is a Dutch number used for tax identification. It consists of nine digits and is the equivalent of the Polish NIP number. Only after giving this number, an employee can receive their first salary. The salary is paid to employees via bank transfer.

The waiting time for creating a SOFI number is approx. 2 weeks. This number is created only once and can be used throughout a person’s life. For those who work in the Netherlands for the first time, the Coordinators offer help in completing all the formalities involved in assigning this number.


The Recruitment Agency Beyond Resources Sp z o.o. has a variety of job offers, mainly in the horticultural sector. We have job offers in the Netherlands in greenhouses with cut and potted flowers, or at fruit or vegetables harvest. Greenhouses are located in the area around The Hague and Rotterdam, in the so-called Westland.

The work covers the entire production process of cut or potted flowers – from planting, through care work (peeling and trimming leaves), to packaging and labeling of flowers ready for shipment. Work is carried out in one morning shift. Employers offer the opportunity to work from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays. Sundays are non-working days.

Beyond Resources
Beyond Resources


We offer attractive working conditions. The basic rate is 10.05 euros gross/hour. This rate applies to people over 21 years of age. In the Netherlands, greenhouse work is covered by the so-called “age restriction”, under which people from 18 to 21 years of age have a lower hourly rate (the rates are given on our website in the GENERAL TERMStab).

It is also possible to work overtime, which pays 135% of the basic rate. This applies both to additional hours during the week and work on Saturdays. The salary is paid weekly by transfer to the employee’s account. Every week, the pay may vary depending on the amount of basic hours and overtime worked. If the employee uses company accommodation or insurance, then the payment is also made weekly, after receiving a salary.


Accommodation includes brick houses or flats with usually from 6 to 8 people living there. These are standard dwellings with an equipped kitchen with several refrigerators, a bathroom (washing machines) and a common area in the form of a living room, or garden in case of houses. Employees have access to the Internet and to Polish TV in their place of residence.

The employer provides access to the workplace and back to accommodation, and does not charge any additional fees for that.

Pictures of some flats can be found in the tab GALLERY – ACCOMMODATION.

Beyond Resources
Beyond Resources


Each employee can choose the means of transport from Poland to the Netherlands by themselves. You can arrange for your own means of transport to the Netherlands (private car, coach or bus), or we can organize company transport.

We work with several carriers that cover the majority of Poland’s territory. Ticket prices range from 60 to 85 euros, depending on which region of Poland the trip goes from.

Transport can be paid for with the driver in cash (in zlotys or in euros).


Are you interested in cooperating with our recruitment agency? We invite you to come in person to our office in Olsztyn, ul. Zbigniewa Herberta 14/23. We work from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Those who are from outside of Olsztyn can register on our website. The JOB APPLICATION tab includes a personal questionnaire and a list of documents required during registration.

Current job offers abroad are received from a Dutch employer every week. After receiving such an order, we contact candidates who meet the offer’s criteria.

Beyond Resources

Beyond Resources Sp. z o.o.
10-686 Olsztyn, ul. Zbigniewa Herberta 14/23
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